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I’m Luis Jurado, I was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1983, in the sunny south of Spain. I started my career as a photographer in 2000. I worked for years as a publicity photographer and photojournalist. I unified experiences and knowledge, discarded what I did not like and reinforced everything I enjoyed to develop my current work and apply it to wedding photography.

Since 2008 I live in Malaga, where I started the best and most exciting personal and professional stage of my life. My family and my work are my two great passions and I am lucky to enjoy both daily.

Currently I work as a wedding photographer in Malaga, with the great luck of having the trust of couples who see in my way of telling stories, the best way to preserve their memories.

I tell through photographs what other people feel. This requires a continuous work of observation, curiosity and empathy. It is necessary to learn, unlearn, create, destroy and experiment continuously with a visual language that transmits emotions in the most impactful way possible. I look for simplicity in this language, simplify to emotion all the forms and lines so that each photograph is an explosion that starts up your memories and you can relive them.

That is my job and for me, it is much more than a job.

I belong to the two most prestigious and important associations of wedding photographers worldwide, Fearless and ISPWP

I’m inspired by the movies, the series, sometimes there’s no time to watch a movie, but for Netflix or HBO. Painting, especially the minimalist painting where I found so much inspiration that I applied when composing. The music, sometimes Jazz other rap, other classic, flamenco from my land … I love basketball, although now I dedicate more time to mountain biking. 😀

My office as well as a work space, is a space of inspiration and fun. A workshop where projects, experiments, hobbies and fun are mixed in equal parts.

Phone: 662429241

email: luis@fotografialuisjurado.com

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Teléfono: 662429241

email: luis@fotografialuisjurado.com

Facebook instagram